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Cop Games

How To Play: Escape Game

Escape Game

Your task is to escape, that you do have to be very careful.
The game is very creative and fun.
Your task is to get to the escape area in as few clicks of the mouse as possible without
being caught up in a chase with the security guard and the cops.
Use mouse to click a square to the top, bottom, left or right of your character to move.
Plan on how you can lead the guard to a dead end where he can’t move and then head towards the escape area.
Remember, each click moves your character 1 square at a time while the guard moves 2 square at a time
to chase you.
Great graphics, animation, and sound effects will thrill you.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for boys and people who love cop games.
Have a great adventure and good luck!

Navigate Character – Arrow keys
Interact – Mouse

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