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Cop Games

How To Play: Hell Cops New Dimension Game

Hell Cops New Dimension Game

Are you ready for a wild ride?
If you do then you are at the right place because this is the game for you!
Sit behind the wheel and start your engine, give the pedal to the metal and the action can begin.
In front of you are 10 fantastic and exciting levels.
Every next level more difficult and complicated than the previous one.
Your task is simple, destroy and stamp down everything on your way,
just be careful not to flip your truck because then you lose, and start all over again.
Reach the finish line in one piece, be careful but faster, be fearless and merciless.
Graphics, animation, background music will delight you.
The game is suitable for all ages.
Have a great fun in this fantastic game.

Arrow keys to drive.
Enter key to change direction.

Game Category: Cop Parking Games