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Cop Games

How To Play: Police Driving Obstacle Game

Police Driving Obstacle Game

For this game you need good nerves.
Your task is simple, you’re a cop on the highway, and your task is to bypass other vehicles in front of you,
but you have to be careful, if you hit another vehicle, you lose the game,
so be sure to be careful and safe while driving, assess each car and drive slowly.
Pay attention to the time because you have limited time, you have 150 seconds to reach the target.
Graphics, animation and sound effects of this fantastic racing cop games will delight you.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for fans of police cars games
We wish you great fun and even better adventure!
Remember, drive slowly but surely, and avoid all obstacles on your way.
Who loves a good challenge, will surely love this fantastic cop game.

Use mouse and keyboard to play.

Game Category: Police Games
  • Tessa Sennett

    love this game